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HSC Package #1: MacBook Air 11-inch

Due to the requirements for this model, units are custom ordered. Once ordered unit ships within 7-1..

$1,254.97 $1,089.97

HSC Package #2: MacBook Air 13-inch

HSC Package #2 includes:Macbook Air 13-inch (MQD42LL/A)1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor8GB M..

$1,264.97 $1,099.97

HSC Package #3: 12-inch MacBook, 256GB

HSC Package #3 includes:Macbook 12-inch1.2GHz Intel Dual-Core Core m38GB Memory256GB Storage Capacit..

$1,389.97 $1,324.97

HSC Package #4: 12-inch MacBook, 512GB

HSC Package #3 includes:Macbook 12-inch1.3GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i58GB Memory512GB Storage Capacit..

$1,689.97 $1,624.97

HSC Package #5: 13-inch MacBook Pro

HSC Package #3 includes:Macbook Pro 13-inch2.3GHz dual-core i58GB Memory256GB Storage CapacityEthern..

$1,554.97 $1,489.97

HSC Package #6: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

HSC Package #5 includes:Macbook Pro with Touch Bar 13-inch3.1GHz dual-core i58GB Memory512GB Storage..

$1,854.97 $1,739.97